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26 October2021

CPR training for employees

In a life-threatening situation, every second is crucial. In most incidents, it is a case of chance that decides who will provide help to an injured person.

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17 September2021

Changing the pot colour to grey

We have decided to gradually replace all our black pots with their grey substitutes.

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9 September2021

9th September
Battery Recycling Day

On the birthday of battery inventor Luigi Galvani we celebrate Battery Recycling Day.

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1 September2021

What is Zero Waste?

The consumer lifestyle, that is so popular nowadays, has caused enormous damage to the environment.

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16 August2021

How important is separate waste collection?

Waste separation is one of the most popular forms of environmental protection. It enables waste to be recycled so that it can be used again.

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2 August2021

Green City • Fruit garden on your balcony

Who among us doesn’t dream of enriching their breakfast with freshly picked berries from their own bush. The problem arises when we live in the centre of a large city, surrounded by a cluster of blocks of flats. 

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20 July2021

We give up plastic cups

At every turn, we consistently strive to steer our activities in the “green direction”. We believe that everyday small gestures make a big difference, and each of us has an impact on the state in which we pass our planet on to future generations.

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16 July2021

We provide an AED

Out of concern for our employees and the local community, we have decided to purchase a mobile AED which will increase the chances of saving the injured in case of a life-threatening incident.

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1 July2021

July 1st International Fruit Day

Fruit, that celebrates their day today, is a veritable treasure trove of vitamins and other nutrients.

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29 June2021

Let’s Take Care of Our Planet

The greenery of nature is of great interest to us, that is why, as a Fructoplant company, we feel responsible to do as much as we can to contribute to the improvement of the environment.

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22 June2021

World Rainforest Day (22nd June) Responsibly managed sources of raw material

June 22nd is World Rainforest Day. Although they seem distant to us, we all benefit from their abundance and have a significant impact on their condition.

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1 June2021


While designing our products, we do not forget about the youngest ones. The Fruitsters brand will certainly find recognition in the eyes of children, but also their parents.

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20 May2021

We support the bees

In the Fructoplant brand portfolio you will find a product line that is close to the bees. Melliferous Plants is a carefully selected group of ornamental trees and shrubs.

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22 April2021

Earth Day

“The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.All things are connected like the blood that unites one family.Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.― Extract from Chief Seattle.   As every year, on 22nd of […]

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23 December2020

Merry Chistmas

On the occasion of the coming Christmas,
We wish you moments filled with joy and love

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5 April2020
Gazele Biznesu 2019

The Business Gazelle Award 2019

The Business Gazelle Award is a title for well-managed, honest, dynamically developing companies. The award is given to the companies which show the best financial results in the last three years.

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24 March2020
GlobalG.A.P dla Fructoplant Sp. z.o.o


We would like to inform you that our company has met a number of requirements and obtained the GLOBALG.A.P.

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20 February2020

We started the shipping season.

At the end of February we started the shipping season. The first transports have started from our warehouses and in the coming months we will supply our customers with the highest quality goods.

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20 November2019

Farewell Summer 2019

Thanks to Przemysław Żabka and Piotr Bula for their support of the ceremony called “Farewell Summer 2019”

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14 October2019

Year in the Garden

The “Year in the Garden” is a programme for lovers of garden plots, backyards and balconies, with information on plant cultivation and maintenance, an overview of new varieties and advice on how to care for them…

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20 September2019

From the life of construction

The facility outline is slowly emerging. Its size is impressive. We look forward to completing the works.

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18 June2019

New facility – foil block.

We start building a foil block. Thus, we are increasing our production and warehouse space by another nearly 10 000 m2.

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18 April2019

The group of school education from Erasmus+ program named „Motivating young Europeans” at the Fructoplant

We would like to inform you that the Fructoplant company from Gąbin had the pleasure of hosting the participants of the “Motivating young Europeans” programme on 9 April.

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14 January2019

XXVIII General Meeting of Members of the Polish Nurserymen Association 2018.

On November 29, 2018, the XXVIII reporting and election General Meeting of the Members of the Polish Nurserymen Association

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14 November2018

“Distinguished for the Płock County”

On 14.11.2018 our company received the “Distinguished for the Płock County” award. We would like to thank the Jury, the Starost’s of Płock and the Chairman of the Council for this exceptional distinction.

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17 September2018

“Gąbińska Dziesiątka” Run

Congratulations to the winners.

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18 April2018

We have completed the construction of the new building.

The new hall has been put into operation.

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17 April2018
copyright Puls Biznesu 2018

Business Gazelle 2017

Ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized companies – Business Gazelles 2017

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21 February2018
18 July2017

Forbes Diamonds 2017

We are happy that we can share the news that also in this year edition we were get prize from FORBES magazine which is Diamond of Forbes 2017.

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18 July2017

Grand celebration of 10th anniversary of Fructoplant

June 30, 2017 took a place gala to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Fructoplant.

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16 March2017

Gazela Biznesu 2016 prize again for Fructoplant

Gazele Biznesu 2016 – a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium businesses. This year we are also among the distinguished companies! Gazele Biznesu ranking – a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium businesses. The Ist edition of Gazele Biznesu was held in the year 2000. A gazelle is a small or […]

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16 March2017

“Acanthus Aureus” prize on Gardenia 2017

As every year, in early spring, Poznan again became a horticultural paradise.

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30 November2016

GlobalGAP certificate to our company

GLOBALG.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for farm production. Our core product is the result of years of intensive research and collaboration with industry experts, producers and retailers around the globe. Our goal is safe and sustainable agricultural production to benefit farmers, retailers and consumers throughout the world.

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24 June2016

“Teraz Polska” emblem for our In My Garden brand.

On Monday 30 May 2016 in the Great Theatre in Warsaw, the 26th “Poland Now” Gala was held during which awards were granted to the best Polish companies, services, innovations and local governments.

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24 June2016
diament forbesa 2016

Once again, Forbes monthly awarded the “Forbes Diamond 2016” to our company.

On 08.06.2016 representatives of our company received the “Forbes Diamond 2016”. The award, received for the third time, is a proof of the dynamic development of our company in recent years and a reason for being proud of our market success.

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31 March2016

Business Gazelle 2015

On the 09.03.2016 in the Warsaw hotel Airport Okęcie the Gala of Mazovian country was held for laureate and for the fourth time in a row, the company Fructopant from Gąbin was awarded this prestigious award.

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4 March2016

Acanthus Aureus prize for our booth on Gardenia 2016 in Poznan

We would like to announce that for the second time in a row Fructoplant’s booths won the awarded
for Gardenia fair.

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10 February2016

Main award – “WEBSTAR”, for our new website

27 of January 2016  the new project of our website received main award in the oldest polish performance and web page creation competition ,,Webstarfestival”. We are proud of  our  web page and award.

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24 October2015

Fructoplant new warehouse facility

We are expanding! We put new warehouse facility into use in October. It is intended for packaging and auxiliary materials storage.

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24 September2015

Winner of the best exhibition stand

We are pleased to announce that Fructoplant was once again rewarded. We won the Golden Laurel award of the 23rd International Exhibition Green is Life 2015 for the most attractive stand. Furthermore, we received the Garden Trends Designer award for thematic series called In My Garden and the Green Laurel award for the product known as Old Polish Garden (Staropolski Ogród).

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30 June2015

Fructoplant with Forbes’ Diamond Prize

On 30 June 2015, the ninth Forbes’ Diamonds Award ceremony was held in Warsaw. Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. was once again ranked among enterprises most dynamically improving their performance and business value. The company awarded Forbes’ Diamond prize.

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19 June2015

Fructoplant: The 2014 AgroLeague Champion

The company Fructoplant took part in the 22nd edition of the Agroleague competition organized by the Provincial Agricultural Advisory Centres (at provincial level) and by Editorial Team of Agricultural Broadcasts of TVP Channel 1 and the AgroBiznesKlub Association (at national level). The competition seeks out agribusiness leaders in such categories as ‘farmers’ and ‘company’.

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19 June2015

Market Leader Award for Fructoplant

The company Fructoplant was awarded the best Polish company supplying plants to both individual customers and retail chains.

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10 November2014

Development of the Company

New system for monitoring and supervising plant storage conditions in the winter time.

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10 September2014

New bigger cold stores

Four new cold chambers, or double storage capacity!

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