Let’s Take Care of Our Planet

The greenery of nature is of great interest to us, that is why, as a Fructoplant company, we feel responsible to do as much as we can to contribute to the improvement of the environment.

We are launching a program called ‘Let’s Take Care of Our Planet‘, under the banner of which we intend to implement a number of pro-ecological solutions in our company and promote good habits aimed at limiting the progress of environmental degradation.

We want to educate not only our employees, but also, using our communication channels, share our knowledge with others. We believe in explaining how important our small, everyday actions are.

We encourage you to watch and share all our materials bearing the program logo.

Together Let’sTakeCareOfOurPlanet

Let’s Take Care of Our Planet
How we do it:

Our eco-friendly brands:

Green City

Fruit garden on your balcony

Who among us doesn’t dream of enriching their breakfast with freshly picked berries from their own bush. The problem arises when we live in the centre of a large city, surrounded by a cluster of blocks of flats. 
Green City from Fructoplant solves this problem. It is a line of plants in pots dedicated to the residents of blocks of flats, which will allow you to develop the balcony space.
Moreover, all pots of this line are 100% recyclable. This is another environmentally friendly solution that we implement as part of our “Let’s Take Care of Our Planet” program!


The little heroes of the garden and the sandbox

While designing our products, we do not forget about the youngest ones. The Fruitsters brand will certainly find recognition in the eyes of children, but also their parents.

It is not only wonderful fruit bushes, super-friendly heroes, but also ecology (more on that below).
Each plant is a different superhero, and together they make a great fruit team in your garden.
And that’s not all. We keep ecology in mind, so one of the assumptions of this project was the zero-waste philosophy. Thus, our product is actually a fruit shrub to plant and a set of toys for your children. The pot here is a bucket, and together with the attached shovel, they will certainly find use during common play in the sandpit!

We believe that this set will bring a lot of joy and usefulness, and maybe it will also start a passion among kids!

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