Packaging has become an integral part of our lives. Made of various materials, they fulfil specific functions: protective, informative and promotional. Packaging has become a brand medium, and it is often that we recognise a brand by packaging (the characteristic glass bottle of Coca Cola or the metal packaging of Nivea cream).

At Fructoplant, we look for solutions for our products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Guided by the ZeroWaste idea of reusing everything wherever possible, we designed the Fruitsters brand. It is a line aimed at the youngest, offering fruit bush seedlings packaged in… a bucket for playing in the sandbox. The set comes with a shovel and is promoted with an image of fruit superheroes! In this way, we are popularising gardening with the youngest children, and the packaging in which the plant is delivered does not end up in the rubbish, but is used as a toy at the beach or in the sandpit.

Let’s take care of Our Planet, right from an early age!

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