A light that is not switched off after leaving the toilet or social room seemingly does no harm to the environment. But is it really? If we add up all such situations and the kilowatt hours of electricity consumed, we come to the conclusion that a minute of light bulb shining equals a huge amounts of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment by power plants.
This does not seem obvious, which is why we are trying to develop good, environmentally friendly habits in our company. We designed informative posters and put them up in places where lights were left on. Thanks to this small action, environmental awareness among employees is already higher and lights are not left on unnecessarily.
If you wish, download and use the prepared poster in your company. We make it available in a print-ready version on our website.

Dbajmy o Naszą Planetę: Materiały do pobrania

Let’s take care of our planet together!

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