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20 June2024

Relive Memories with the Staropolski Ogród Brand!

Who among us doesn’t long for the tastes of childhood, those carefree times when we enjoyed sunny summer days? Our Staropolski Ogród brand allows you to return to those days, savoring fruits that were popular in past years. Create a personal garden full of nostalgia, awaken memories, and enjoy the unforgettable tastes of healthy, high-quality […]

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5 June2024

Enigmatic Garden Hydrangeas

Did you know that garden hydrangeas can change the color of their flowers depending on the soil pH? It’s true magic of nature! 🌿✨ In our offer, you will find unique garden hydrangeas in beautiful shades of blue and pink. These plants are a true ornament for any garden, bringing elegance and freshness. 🌱 Magical […]

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28 May2024

The Beauty of Blooming Lilies in Our Tunnels

We are proud to share with you the sight of our blooming lilies! 🌷 In our tunnels, we have created ideal conditions for these beautiful plants to flourish in their full glory. 🌱 Why choose our lilies? Highest Quality: We carefully manage every growth stage to provide you with only the best lilies. Variety of […]

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16 May2024

Blooming Roses at Fructoplant

It’s that special time of the year when our diverse varieties of roses begin their beautiful blooming. Each flower unfurls, showcasing its full splendor and unmatched quality. As a producer of plants, including high-quality grafted roses, we deliver products that are an excellent choice for all garden beauty enthusiasts. Our plants not only catch the […]

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29 March2024

Happy Easter

With Easter approaching, we would like to extend heartfelt wishes to our Clients and Business Partners. May this special occasion bring you not only joy but also peace and the rejuvenating atmosphere of spring. We wish you much happiness, health, and strength to continue your endeavors with even greater enthusiasm. May these holidays be a […]

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19 March2024


Blossoming magnolias are a sign of spring beginning. Our tunnels have already taken on the first colours of the coming change of season!Make sure that your customers too have the opportunity to plant a grafted magnolia or willow in their garden! 🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹 #fructoplant #spring #preparingToSeason

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8 March2024

Woman’s Day

Like every year, this year too, we couldn’t forget the women who work with us! To celebrate their holiday, we prepared a sweet treat! 🍩 But that’s not all! There was an extra surprise waiting for all the ladies, in the form of a fascinating read 📚. Perfect for the chilly March evenings 😁 💞.Best […]

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29 February2024

Spring in Fructoplant

We invite you behind the scenes of our passion! Here is a short film documenting the intensive preparations for the gardening season and the process of confectioning our beautiful plants. We are ready for an exciting new garden adventure – check it out for yourself!#fructoplant #spring #preparingToSeason  

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12 January2024

Fructoplant receives the Green Certificate and continues its course towards sustainability!

We are delighted to announce that Fructoplant has been awarded the prestigious Green Certificate, demonstrating our conscious investment in Renewable Energy Sources. This accolade, awarded by the Carbon Footprint Foundation, confirms our ongoing commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. The installation of a state-of-the-art 177.43 kWp photovoltaic system in 2023 from Columbus Energy S.A. represents […]

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4 January2024

Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. among the Business Gazelles for the 11th time!

We are delighted to announce that Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. has been included in the Business Gazelles ranking published by Puls Biznesu for the eleventh time! This is a confirmation of our dynamic development and annual business success. We would like to thank our trusting customers and business partners who support us in achieving ever […]

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22 December2023

Merry Christmas!

On the occasion of the forthcoming Christmas, we would like to wish you much joy and peace of mind.May this time pass in the warmth of a family atmosphere.We also wish you all the best and much success in the coming year 2024.——-Management and employees of Fructoplant Sp. z o.o.

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21 November2023

Communication Boxes

The opinions of our employees are very important to us. ✉In our company, we have deployed Communication Boxes in the social areas to make it easier to express our own opinions about our shared workplace. We value seeing the company from a different perspective, so every opinion is a valuable source of information and inspiration […]

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24 October2023

Autumn at Fructoplant

Autumn has arrived at Fructoplant! 🍂🌿 Check out how our plants look at this time of year. Beautifully discoloured blueberries, evergreen azaleas 🌺 or the magnificently yellow leaves of magnolias. 🍁🍃–#fructoplant #fructoplantOffer #horticulture #ornamentalshrubs #autumnGarden 🌼🍂

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10 October2023

Top quality in a new product: Professional Peat from Fructoplant!

Years of experience in growing garden plants have given us the knowledge we needed to offer our customers a new product. 🌱 👉 To meet the expectations and needs of plant growers, we have introduced a top quality peat for professional use. It is the perfect substrate for growing fruit 🍓🍇 and ornamental 🌸🌼 plants, […]

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3 October2023

Boys’ day at Fructoplant!

Each of us was stewing about it, but all the men in the company were excitedly anticipating 30 September. 🗓️ We waited and wondered what kind of surprise our girls would prepare this time! 🤔And as usual, we were not disappointed, and this year’s September holiday (celebrated exceptionally already in October) was marked by fragrant, […]

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26 September2023

Beads L♥vers

Decorate for autumn with our plants! 🍁🌿Koralove™/ BeadsLovers™ is a brand of beautiful ornamental shrubs characterised by attractive fruits in autumn. 🍂🍒 They will adorn any space and guarantee a wonderful festive decoration. 🎄🌟Feel free to get in touch and discover the wide BeadsLovers range! 📞🌸

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19 September2023

Supporting the “W stronę Słońca” Association

We are always happy to support worthwhile community initiatives. 🌱 This year, the Kingfisher plc group decided to support the Association “W stronę Słońca”, which operates in the municipality of Karczew, and renovate their community centre, which works for children and young people. We are proud to have been able to donate our plants to […]

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12 September2023

Fruit shrubs for planting in autumn!

Even a small, vacant patch of the home garden is a potential place to plant a new plant. This could be a fruit bush that will repay you with juicy, tasty and, above all, self-grown fruit! 🌱🍇🍓The approaching autumn is the season when planted fruit bushes will find excellent conditions for the development of their […]

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5 September2023

Fruit trees – perfect for planting in autumn!

Autumn is fast approaching. So the time is approaching which is the perfect time for planting trees. This is when the soil is warm and the rainfall more frequent, which is perfect for newly planted plants to take root. 🍂🌧️We, too, are not yet finished with the season. In just a few moments, we will […]

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22 August2023

Seedless grapevine

One of the most popular items in our range are seedless vine cuttings. 🍇 The varieties we offer, or rather their fruit, are not only excellent in taste 🍷 and aroma, but also rich in antioxidants. 🌿 Thanks to its climbing nature, the vine is also an easy-to-grow, drought-resistant ornamental for gardens. 👨‍🌾📞 Feel free […]

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1 August2023

DUO fruit trees

🌳🍎🍐 DUO fruit trees have become a real revolution in the horticultural market. Thanks to the use of special grafting, we can enjoy the presence of two different fruit varieties on one tree. 🌟 As a result, we can, for example, get a tree that bears yellow apples on one side 🍏 while the other […]

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25 July2023

Mini Trees

Mini trees have similar characteristics and requirements as their larger counterparts, but due to their compact size they can be successfully grown in pots or small spaces. They are also an excellent option for rock gardens or as decorative elements in Japanese gardens. 🌿🏯Our range includes apple trees 🍏, cherry trees 🍒, pear trees 🍐 […]

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20 July2023


Do you know about an interesting feature of the hibiscus? 🌺 Its flowers only open for one day, but their profusion makes us overlook this important detail. 🌼 Hibiscus is a plant with unique, large flowers in intense colours and distinctive shapes. 🌸 It blooms profusely and the flowers of some of its varieties are […]

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18 July2023

Fructoplant’s Tunnels

Fructoplant has state-of-the-art production facilities. We use nearly 20,000 cubic metres of refrigeration space and more than 20,000 square metres of storage space in our daily operations. These are also state-of-the-art technological solutions. The tunnels are equipped with an automatic shading system, underfloor heating, a meteo station and a climate computer that monitors the operation […]

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13 July2023

Buddleja Davidii

Buddleja Davidii, also known as butterfly bush, is a beautiful, spreading plant with multi-coloured flowers whose fragrance attracts beneficial insects. 🐝🦋 Its flowering continues throughout most of the summer, adding colour and charm to any garden. 🌼🌻We offer a multitude of budlea varieties in many eye-catching colours!

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10 July2023


The extremely tasty blueberry fruit is becoming increasingly popular among hobby gardeners, not only because of its low cultivation requirements, but also because the bush can be planted at almost any time of the year. All this means that blueberry consumption is steadily increasing every year. The blueberry is also a true treasure trove of […]

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4 July2023

We are switching from traditional batteries to rechargeable

We are switching from traditional batteries to rechargeable Ni-MH batteries across the company. 🌱Why is this so important? Well, Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are reusable. This means that they can be recharged and used again and again. As we have mentioned more than once, poorly disposed, used batteries are a huge danger to the environment. By […]

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30 June2023


Our inventory team works extremely hard to accurately inventory every item in our stock. Counting and controlling inventory for hours on end requires determination, diligence and concentration.Thanks to the inventory, we can closely monitor and control the condition of our stock, which translates into a better organisation of the entire company. We thank our team […]

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22 June2023

Bouquet hydrangeas

Bouquet hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata) are beautiful and showy plants that add beauty to the summer garden. Their long-lasting flowers, changing colours and ease of cultivation make them a popular choice for many gardeners.

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19 June2023

We support ‘green’ initiatives!

We are keen to support ‘green’ initiatives, so we are proud and happy when we can donate our plants for this purpose. We are doubly proud and happy when these plants find their way into schools and education centres, where they are cared for by the youngest gardening enthusiasts.This was the case this time, when […]

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15 June2023

Oriental lilies

We made it! Our hard work, meticulous care, has yielded stunning results. These two-coloured oriental lilies will adorn our tunnels and soon the gardens of gardening enthusiasts.Take a look at the results and a mini photo report of the journey these beautiful plants have taken with us!#liliumorientum #fructoplant #fructoplantOffer #horticulture

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12 June2023

Standard roses

Standard rose is popular in horticulture for its aesthetic appeal and its ability to be used in a variety of garden styles. Stem form roses are often planted along alleys, around terraces or as focal points in garden compositions. They add elegance, structure and vertical dynamism to the garden, catching the eye with their flowers […]

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6 June2023

Always the highest quality! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. offers unique garden plants , which are the result of many years of experience and passion in horticulture. With our advanced know-how and the best growing conditions, we provide plants with the perfect growing environment. Our ultramodern facilities are designed for optimum plant development and our experienced specialists monitor every step […]

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30 May2023

AED Fructoplant in the AED OpenStreetMap database

In deciding to invest in an automated defibrillator, we wanted to make the device available for public use and increase the capacity of services and people to save lives. Our AED device, located at the entrance gate to the office, is available for public use and ready to be used in times of need.To increase […]

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25 May2023

Staropolski Ogród (The Old-Polish Garden)

In the Staropolski Ogród from Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. you will find tree varieties whose taste of fruit will surely bring back childhood memories. In addition, thanks to the use of quality rootstocks, the finished plants are more resistant to disease and climatic conditions, and show a higher yield than standard trees. Our plants are […]

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11 May2023

Our azaleas

Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. in the colours of the azaleas! 🌷🌷🌹🏵🌸 Take a look at the entire gallery of our azaleas this year.#azalea #rhododendron #fructoplant #fructoplantOffer #horticulture.

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9 May2023

The season is in full swing!

The season is in full swing! Our production and logistics teams are working at full capacity to deliver beautiful green plants first to the shops and then to your gardens! 🏡🌷🌺#fructoplant #horticulture

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4 May2023

Photovoltaic system

Obtaining energy from renewable sources is extremely important for our environment. This is why we are delighted to have completed a photovoltaic installation with a total capacity of 178 kWp. This investment is a huge step towards reducing our dependence on traditional energy sources and protecting our planet’s environment. The new photovoltaic system will have […]

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28 April2023

Green City

We are proud of our pro-environmental plant brand, aimed primarily at block dwellers. Green City, is the idea of growing your own fruit bushes wherever space is limited and your own garden is in the realm of dreams.Green City makes those dreams come true! Enjoy delicious fruit straight from your own bush. With the handy, […]

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19 April2023


Camellia japonica 🌸 A regular item in our range Grafted magnolia 🌷 An ornament for every garden Prunus persica var. nucipersica or necatris 🍑 besides its tasty fruit, it has beautifully blooming flowers! Pyrus communis 🍐 in a mini version is an excellent way to arrange a terrace or patio.

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7 April2023

Garden Health Nook

On the occasion of World Health Day today, it is worth leaning into how important a role healthy nutrition plays in our lives. Health starts with the right diet, and the right diet in turn starts with high-quality fruit and vegetables. In this context, we would like to recommend our Fruit Shrubs – Garden Health […]

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4 April2023

Gazele Biznesu

We are very happy to share our latest achievement. 🏆 We have once again been honoured with membership in the elite club “Gazele Biznesu”.This honourable title confirms the high financial standing of our company and our reliability in the eyes of customers and business partners.The ranking, which is published by the well-known editors of the […]

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30 March2023

March in Fructoplant

It’s getting more and more colourful at our place, plants are strutting around the tunnels waiting to be dispatched 🌼🌸🌺.

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21 March2023

Willow Day

Today is Willow Day, a symbol of spring and the rebirth of life. The willow is associated with hope, joy and optimism, and its branches adorn many homes and gardens around the world.Take a look at our range of willow trees, which are particularly welcome at this time. We provide a wide selection of different […]

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18 March2023

World Recycling Day

Today is World Recycling Day! This is an important opportunity to remind people of the importance of separating waste and taking care of the environment.Recycling is one of the most important ways to reduce waste and reduce the negative impact on our planet. By recycling, we can reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce greenhouse […]

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13 March2023

High season

The season has started, our tunnels are already greening up and the first deliveries are reaching our customers. All Fructoplant departments are working at top speed!It is going to be a good spring!

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6 March2023

Ways to reduce plastic

Plastic not only pollutes the environment, but also negatively affects human health and requires significant amounts of energy and raw materials to produce and recycle. Therefore, each of us can help to protect the environment and health by reducing our plastic consumption.As is our custom, we are making available a brochure for download ( https://lnkd.in/dSyx6z6K […]

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3 March2023

Top quality components

We are a team of specialists who take care of the quality of every stage of production. In our company, we use only the highest quality components, which is a guarantee of top-class products.We purchase the components directly from the manufacturers and the growing media from sources that guarantee the highest quality and sustainable extraction.Join […]

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27 February2023

The 2023 season has begun!

It’s about time, it’s about time.Spring is just around the corner and we’ve already started the new shipping season. See you there!

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22 February2023

Speciality: Fruit trees!

Our speciality is fruit trees. This means that we are able to prepare plants from this category for our customers in a variety of forms, adapted to the intended use, in special marketing concepts and at almost any stage of the growing season and even beyond.We will supply trees in a rootwraps, 5 litre and […]

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9 February2023

Season preparations

Spring is still just over a month away, but we are already in the process of preparing for the new season. From film tunnels to warehouses and manoeuvring yards, we are taking care of every detail to ensure that both our service and products are of the highest quality.As we do every year, we continue […]

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2 February2023

GLOBAL G.A.P. certification

GLOBALG.A.P. certification is an international standard for good agricultural and production practices that assures our company’s customers that products come from crops grown to high organic and ethical standards.–We are proud to announce that Fructoplant has once again successfully passed the certification. Our work and care for the environment has been rewarded which further motivates […]

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25 January2023

Fructoplant Bronze Winner AIPH IGOTY 2023

Our company has been awarded the BRONZE WINNER in the Finished Plants & Trees category of the AIPH International Grower of the Year 2023 competition!!!In competition with the best plant growers from all over the world, we showed ourselves from a very good side, and this award is the result of appreciation of our work […]

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20 January2023

Cold stores safeguard the quality and health of our plants

At Fructoplant, we use cold chambers to store plants during the winter period. They help us to adapt the conditions, i.e. to maintain the right temperature and humidity. In this way, we preserve our plants in quality and health during the pre-production phase. Cold chambers can also be used to harden plants or postpone the […]

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20 December2022

Company Christmas Card Competition

As we do every year at Christmas, we organised a competition for our youngest gardening enthusiasts. The Christmas competition has become a tradition in our company, and this year’s edition was characterised by a record number of young participants and an abundance of wonderful, creative works. The ingenuity and quality was so high that, in […]

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10 December2022

We are a finalist for the AIPH IGOTY 2023!

We are proud to announce that Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. has qualified for the final round of the AIPH – International Grower of the Year 2023 competition!The award recognises our results and acknowledges our knowledge and experience in the production of garden plants.An international jury of industry experts, chaired by former AIPH president Mr Bernard […]

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5 December2022

World Soil Day

World Soil Day is celebrated on 5 December. Out of concern for the future of our planet, we should all pay attention to activities that may degenerate the environment.Among its many environmentally friendly activities, Fructoplant applies sustainable management of natural resources. Our growing media contain a mixture of coconut fibre and perlite. Thanks to this […]

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1 December2022

Preparing for spring season

The end of the year is the time when our production department begins work to prepare for the new spring season. In order to be well prepared for the early dispatch season, the plants are already going into the bale to overwinter the first months of the new year in the cold stores, full of […]

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24 November2022

Low-carbon internal logistics

At Fructoplant, we all know how important it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment, which is why one of the objectives in our company is to do away with diesel-powered vehicles in our internal transport. The entire fleet of forklifts, Melexes and Vitoy forklifts are free of diesel drives.

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15 November2022

We use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Dynamically developing technology is creating new opportunities for companies. One of these is the possibility of exchanging commercial information electronically. The EDI standard is the electronic transfer of structured business data and other documents between organisations. By using this technology in our company, we have become a more attractive business partner, the quality of our […]

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8 November2022

In My Garden

If you are looking for a one-stop solution to ease your entry into the world of the gardening hobby – In My Garden is just for you. When creating this brand, we focused on the idea of providing customers with as much information about the plant as possible. Thus, the products in this line have […]

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28 October2022

We use baler to compact waste

When looking for solutions to improve our internal waste management system, we decided to invest in a baler. The baling of waste has an inconspicuous significance. With this operation we can obtain up to 10% of the original volume. This is a significant saving in storage space, time and also money. It is also about […]

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25 October2022

Use our informative posters!

A light that is not switched off after leaving the toilet or social room seemingly does no harm to the environment. But is it really? If we add up all such situations and the kilowatt hours of electricity consumed, we come to the conclusion that a minute of light bulb shining equals a huge amounts […]

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7 October2022

We provide a complete phytosanitary documentation

A plant passport is an essential document that every plant intended for planting must have. It confirms that the products offered for sale have passed inspection and are free from harmful organisms.The company, as the first one in Poland, has passed all the necessary certification needs, enabling us to maintain phytosanitary documentation on our own, […]

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23 September2022

Smeta Audit

In order to ensure the highest quality of cooperation and provide a guarantee of good practice in the company, we periodically undergo SMETA audits, thereby improving our procedures and infrastructure.The audit is an independent assessment of the solutions used in the company. The extended version of the SMETA methodology verifies the company’s actions in terms […]

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16 September2022

Packaging Day

Packaging has become an integral part of our lives. Made of various materials, they fulfil specific functions: protective, informative and promotional. Packaging has become a brand medium, and it is often that we recognise a brand by packaging (the characteristic glass bottle of Coca Cola or the metal packaging of Nivea cream). At Fructoplant, we […]

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22 July2022

Boxed Plants

One of the forms of plant packaging we offer our customers are cardboard boxes. These handy, visually appealing packs fit wonderfully into shop arrangements and are available early in the garden season. By using a rootwrap, the root system of the plant is perfectly protected from damage and drying out. This form helps to prolong […]

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8 July2022

Irrigation System Modernisation

One of the long-term environmental goals we have adopted in our company is the sustainable management of water resources. Every year, we look for solutions to save water and energy during our production processes. We have started to modernise our irrigation system by replacing our sprinkler nozzles with high-tech models that guarantee higher water savings.This […]

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9 June2022

We Belong to elite club of Gazele Biznesu

We are extremely proud that once again we can say about belonging to the elite club of Gazele Biznesu.The title is a confirmation of the company’s good financial condition and our credibility in the eyes of customers and contractors.The ranking is published by the editors of the business daily Puls Biznesu and associates the most dynamically developing […]

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24 May2022

We give up a black stretch film

The black color of plastic is problematic when it comes to recycling. The technology responsible for sorting waste cannot cope with this color, which results in a huge amount of waste going to incinerators instead of being recycled as regranulate.

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26 April2022

Business Ethics Training

Appropriate relations between company, business partners, employees and competitors are a very important pillar of any strong business. Compliance with both legal and customary norms is not only necessary, but also influences the perception of the company and opens new possibilities of cooperation.

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21 April2022

World Creativity and Innovation Day

21st April is World Creativity and Innovation Day, which aims to encourage creative thinking, particularly among young people, whose reserves of creativity are almost limitless. 

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15 April2022

We use capillary mats in our production

The use of capillary mats allows us to increase crop yields at a low cost and to reduce both costs and water consumption for production. 

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13 April2022

The spring competition for Employees’ Children

At Fructoplant we welcomed spring with another edition of the art competition for the children of our employees. This time, the Little Artists prepared Easter decorations. We try to convey the values that are important to us, one of which is taking care of our planet. We raised the level of difficulty by asking the […]

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7 April2022

World Health Day

Every year, World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April. It was on this day in 1948 that the World Health Organisation was founded, and to commemorate this event, 7th April is associated with a conscious approach to health. This year’s slogan is “Our planet, our health”, which points out, among other things, the environmental problems we have to face.

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31 March2022

Fructoplant Library

For the sake of our employees’ development, we have decided to open a Fructoplant Library in our office. This is a place we have stocked with books on personal and interpersonal development themes, industry guides and more. In addition, our library has a Book Exchange Section, where all employees can bring books from home that they […]

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25 January2022

GlobalG.A.P. and GRASP

We endeavour to supply our customers with products of the highest quality and at the same time the conditions in which our employees work are important to us.

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26 October2021

CPR training for employees

In a life-threatening situation, every second is crucial. In most incidents, it is a case of chance that decides who will provide help to an injured person.

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17 September2021

Changing the pot colour to grey

We have decided to gradually replace all our black pots with their grey substitutes.

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9 September2021

9th September
Battery Recycling Day

On the birthday of battery inventor Luigi Galvani we celebrate Battery Recycling Day.

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1 September2021

What is Zero Waste?

The consumer lifestyle, that is so popular nowadays, has caused enormous damage to the environment.

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16 August2021

How important is separate waste collection?

Waste separation is one of the most popular forms of environmental protection. It enables waste to be recycled so that it can be used again.

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2 August2021

Green City • Fruit garden on your balcony

Who among us doesn’t dream of enriching their breakfast with freshly picked berries from their own bush. The problem arises when we live in the centre of a large city, surrounded by a cluster of blocks of flats. 

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20 July2021

We give up plastic cups

At every turn, we consistently strive to steer our activities in the “green direction”. We believe that everyday small gestures make a big difference, and each of us has an impact on the state in which we pass our planet on to future generations.

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16 July2021

We provide an AED

Out of concern for our employees and the local community, we have decided to purchase a mobile AED which will increase the chances of saving the injured in case of a life-threatening incident.

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1 July2021

July 1st International Fruit Day

Fruit, that celebrates their day today, is a veritable treasure trove of vitamins and other nutrients.

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29 June2021

Let’s Take Care of Our Planet

The greenery of nature is of great interest to us, that is why, as a Fructoplant company, we feel responsible to do as much as we can to contribute to the improvement of the environment.

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22 June2021

World Rainforest Day (22nd June) Responsibly managed sources of raw material

June 22nd is World Rainforest Day. Although they seem distant to us, we all benefit from their abundance and have a significant impact on their condition.

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1 June2021


While designing our products, we do not forget about the youngest ones. The Fruitsters brand will certainly find recognition in the eyes of children, but also their parents.

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20 May2021

We support the bees

In the Fructoplant brand portfolio you will find a product line that is close to the bees. Melliferous Plants is a carefully selected group of ornamental trees and shrubs.

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22 April2021

Earth Day

“The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.All things are connected like the blood that unites one family.Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.― Extract from Chief Seattle.   As every year, on 22nd of […]

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23 December2020

Merry Chistmas

On the occasion of the coming Christmas,
We wish you moments filled with joy and love

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5 April2020
Gazele Biznesu 2019

The Business Gazelle Award 2019

The Business Gazelle Award is a title for well-managed, honest, dynamically developing companies. The award is given to the companies which show the best financial results in the last three years.

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24 March2020
GlobalG.A.P dla Fructoplant Sp. z.o.o


We would like to inform you that our company has met a number of requirements and obtained the GLOBALG.A.P.

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20 February2020

We started the shipping season.

At the end of February we started the shipping season. The first transports have started from our warehouses and in the coming months we will supply our customers with the highest quality goods.

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20 November2019

Farewell Summer 2019

Thanks to Przemysław Żabka and Piotr Bula for their support of the ceremony called “Farewell Summer 2019”

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14 October2019

Year in the Garden

The “Year in the Garden” is a programme for lovers of garden plots, backyards and balconies, with information on plant cultivation and maintenance, an overview of new varieties and advice on how to care for them…

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20 September2019

From the life of construction

The facility outline is slowly emerging. Its size is impressive. We look forward to completing the works.

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18 June2019

New facility – foil block.

We start building a foil block. Thus, we are increasing our production and warehouse space by another nearly 10 000 m2.

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18 April2019

The group of school education from Erasmus+ program named „Motivating young Europeans” at the Fructoplant

We would like to inform you that the Fructoplant company from Gąbin had the pleasure of hosting the participants of the “Motivating young Europeans” programme on 9 April.

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14 January2019

XXVIII General Meeting of Members of the Polish Nurserymen Association 2018.

On November 29, 2018, the XXVIII reporting and election General Meeting of the Members of the Polish Nurserymen Association

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14 November2018

“Distinguished for the Płock County”

On 14.11.2018 our company received the “Distinguished for the Płock County” award. We would like to thank the Jury, the Starost’s of Płock and the Chairman of the Council for this exceptional distinction.

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17 September2018

“Gąbińska Dziesiątka” Run

Congratulations to the winners.

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18 April2018

We have completed the construction of the new building.

The new hall has been put into operation.

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17 April2018
copyright Puls Biznesu 2018

Business Gazelle 2017

Ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized companies – Business Gazelles 2017

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21 February2018
18 July2017

Forbes Diamonds 2017

We are happy that we can share the news that also in this year edition we were get prize from FORBES magazine which is Diamond of Forbes 2017.

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18 July2017

Grand celebration of 10th anniversary of Fructoplant

June 30, 2017 took a place gala to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Fructoplant.

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16 March2017

Gazela Biznesu 2016 prize again for Fructoplant

Gazele Biznesu 2016 – a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium businesses. This year we are also among the distinguished companies! Gazele Biznesu ranking – a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium businesses. The Ist edition of Gazele Biznesu was held in the year 2000. A gazelle is a small or […]

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16 March2017

“Acanthus Aureus” prize on Gardenia 2017

As every year, in early spring, Poznan again became a horticultural paradise.

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30 November2016

GlobalGAP certificate to our company

GLOBALG.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for farm production. Our core product is the result of years of intensive research and collaboration with industry experts, producers and retailers around the globe. Our goal is safe and sustainable agricultural production to benefit farmers, retailers and consumers throughout the world.

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24 June2016

“Teraz Polska” emblem for our In My Garden brand.

On Monday 30 May 2016 in the Great Theatre in Warsaw, the 26th “Poland Now” Gala was held during which awards were granted to the best Polish companies, services, innovations and local governments.

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24 June2016
diament forbesa 2016

Once again, Forbes monthly awarded the “Forbes Diamond 2016” to our company.

On 08.06.2016 representatives of our company received the “Forbes Diamond 2016”. The award, received for the third time, is a proof of the dynamic development of our company in recent years and a reason for being proud of our market success.

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31 March2016

Business Gazelle 2015

On the 09.03.2016 in the Warsaw hotel Airport Okęcie the Gala of Mazovian country was held for laureate and for the fourth time in a row, the company Fructopant from Gąbin was awarded this prestigious award.

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4 March2016

Acanthus Aureus prize for our booth on Gardenia 2016 in Poznan

We would like to announce that for the second time in a row Fructoplant’s booths won the awarded
for Gardenia fair.

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10 February2016

Main award – “WEBSTAR”, for our new website

27 of January 2016  the new project of our website received main award in the oldest polish performance and web page creation competition ,,Webstarfestival”. We are proud of  our  web page and award.

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24 October2015

Fructoplant new warehouse facility

We are expanding! We put new warehouse facility into use in October. It is intended for packaging and auxiliary materials storage.

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24 September2015

Winner of the best exhibition stand

We are pleased to announce that Fructoplant was once again rewarded. We won the Golden Laurel award of the 23rd International Exhibition Green is Life 2015 for the most attractive stand. Furthermore, we received the Garden Trends Designer award for thematic series called In My Garden and the Green Laurel award for the product known as Old Polish Garden (Staropolski Ogród).

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30 June2015

Fructoplant with Forbes’ Diamond Prize

On 30 June 2015, the ninth Forbes’ Diamonds Award ceremony was held in Warsaw. Fructoplant Sp. z o.o. was once again ranked among enterprises most dynamically improving their performance and business value. The company awarded Forbes’ Diamond prize.

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19 June2015

Fructoplant: The 2014 AgroLeague Champion

The company Fructoplant took part in the 22nd edition of the Agroleague competition organized by the Provincial Agricultural Advisory Centres (at provincial level) and by Editorial Team of Agricultural Broadcasts of TVP Channel 1 and the AgroBiznesKlub Association (at national level). The competition seeks out agribusiness leaders in such categories as ‘farmers’ and ‘company’.

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19 June2015

Market Leader Award for Fructoplant

The company Fructoplant was awarded the best Polish company supplying plants to both individual customers and retail chains.

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10 November2014

Development of the Company

New system for monitoring and supervising plant storage conditions in the winter time.

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10 September2014

New bigger cold stores

Four new cold chambers, or double storage capacity!

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